I am back!

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First time on wordpress, everything is well organized. It feels so good to back in blogging, I don’t remember what makes me to stop blogging but I just have to do it before the college starts. Yes, college starts again tomorrow.

I realized that I am not as passion as what I used to be. I used to spend more than a week on a layout, study all the codes, make and publish them on blogskins.com but not anymore. I’ve given up on my blogger account because I can’t retrieve my previous template no matter what I do and I’ve no motivation to work on a new template.

I just want to introduce my new blog today, shall see you soon then!

Good night.


The Author

Malaysian Interior Designer/ Interior Architecture


  1. omg u changed your blog to wordpress, is it better? the layout seems nice tho.
    and did u had a tattoo on your hand?


    • Yes! That blog is just too messy and i am lazy to deal with all the html codes, i personally think that it’s a lot better than blogspot in terms of tidiness. But the only thing i hate is they don’t allow me to add ads like what i did in my blogspot (nuffnang), unless you’re premium account and i only found out that when i paid for this layout T_T

      Overall is good, you should try. They have different types of layout for different categories of blog.

      And that’s my temporary tatoo i did during my trip to phuket. Haha i wish to had one on my hand tho.


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