Phuket, Thailand | Day 02 Part 2

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Ready Set Go

Because the end of the Phi Phi tour wasn’t meant the end of the of the day. We’ve returned to the resort to put our things down and wanted to spend some time in the town. So we booked the driver of Metadee Resort to bring us where ever we want, less hassle and fixed price. There’s also buggy car service can send or pick us up from the lobby of the resort to the main street to flag down a taxi.

It was already 6pm but the sun is still up and the sky is still bright. The guys decided to go to shooting range which was not that far away.

Here’s the price list with a wide selection of guns. I didn’t tryout as I am not interested in firearms, quite expensive for the number of shot you get. However I think that’s a good experience as it is not something easily available in our country. It can be fun for those who haven’t had a chance to fire real guns.

The explosion is loud even though they’ve provided the ear muffler for everyone in the field. I can actually hear and see the casing of the bullet popped out and dropped onto the floor. You get to keep the target sheets with the percentage of accuracy written on it. The entire process is just 15 minutes unless you want to spend more money on the bullets.

The next stop was Jungceylon, the biggest and best mall in Phuket. It has all you need, however if you’re looking for luxury shopping, this may not what you’re looking for.


It is the best place if you’re looking for restaurant with beautiful environment. Quite amount of restaurant for your preference, from Thai food to Western food. We picked Joe Louis Thai Restaurant which is a Thai concept Restaurant, great atmosphere with well furnished interior.


There’s not a single day I didn’t try tom yum soup during my stay. But this was really disappointing! The clear base tom yum soup was awful. The rest of the foods were average despite the presentation of the food were beautifully done.

IMG_5963.JPGIMG_5961-3.JPGProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset with f2 preset

Shop around the mall after the dinner. I’ve noticed that there’re quite a few beauty salon in Jungceylon, it seemed contrary to the typical beauty salon where you have private space with a room inside. These beauty salon were all in glass facade, you can actually see a lot of people is doing facial inside.

Not forget to mention that my favourite part in Thailand was their supermarket. Even though BIG C is a cheaper supermarket, I love their freshly packed fruits, it was very cheap. I grabbed quite amount of mangoesteen, mangoes, and rambutans as supper.

Good night!


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