Dai-ichi Takimotokan – Noboribetsu, Hokkaido | May 2015

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Japan / Ready Set Go

The first thing comes into my mind about onsen ryokan (traditional Japanese inn with hot springs) is private bath because I thought it’s incredibly embarrassing to bathe publicly. However, after reading a lot of reviews about public bath in Japan I decided I should really give it a try. It’s all about cultural experiences after all and I picked Dai-ichi Takimotokan(第一滝本館).

Speaking of ryokan, while it’s my very first trip to Japan, staying in a ryokan is on my top list. The flooring are tatami and doors are sliding doors. Even though it’s not a traditional house but I am perfectly satisfied. It’s a warm welcome to Hokkaido!

Perfect timing to relax our tired body after two hours walk in Jigokudani. Yukata are ready in the closet, we got ourselves changed and went straightaway to the grand public bath. I’m staying in the west buidiling while grand public bath is in another building.

In the grand public bath, left is to the male while right is to the female. I left my yukata in the basket on the shelves and use a locker for anything valuable in the changing room. Then get my face cleaned with all the toiletries provided on the dressing table. Undress and bring only small towel into the bathing area. Yes, you don’t get to bring anything else than the small towel. It’s required to shower before getting into the onsen and it’s so amazing because all toiletries are well prepared, it’s everything that you need! Sit on a small stool and make sure to wash from head to toe.

Dai-ichi Takimotokan consisted seven types of bath. It’s really a privilege to be able to try different bath at the same time. I love the outdoor bath the most and of course all the beauty bath. Beer and sake is available for order, just a little touch to enjoy the outdoor scenery. The air smelled fresh and the breeze sweep across my face, spring is here!

Wonderful bath experience and I enjoyed it very much!  The public bath really wasn’t so bad, it’s really not a matter, it’s more like a swimming pool to me. Anyway, right after the bath, instead of having Japanese in-room dining, we had buffet. Same goes for breakfast in the next morning. Came back to the room with futon ready, I am sure I had one of the best sleeps in my life.

Good night.


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