Goryōkaku Fort – Hakodate, Hokkaido | May 2015

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Goryōkaku Fort (五稜郭) is the reason I came to Hakodate. While Hokkaido is the last place to see Cherry blossom (sakura) in Japan and I’m just in time for full bloom. I traveled all the way to Japan mainly for flower viewing therefore I will never missed out the best viewing spot of sakura in Hokkaido. Cherry blossoms viewing (hanami) celebrations held underneath the sakura trees where people gathered to picnic, barbecue and drink.

The air scented with the sweet aroma of sakura, my heart leaps up every moment I walked under sakura trees. They bloom brilliantly and fall with the wind gracefully, just too beautiful to describe. It’s everything I dreamed of, I just achieved one of my lifetime wish!

Goryōkaku Tower on the other hand is a great way to see the entire Goryōkaku Fort which is a star- shaped fort and Hakodate city in a bird’s eyes view. Looking down through the glass, I can see how stunning array of sakura trees lines up at the fort! The pink shade of sakura is taking over the city, great panoramic view from the tower. Having sakura soft serve ice cream was a joy when enjoy looking at history of Goryōkaku Fort in the tower.


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