Lucky Pierrot – Hakodate, Hokkaido | May 2015

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I managed to try this out before I called it a day! This burger chain can only be found in Hakodate and it’s all over Hakodate. Therefore, it’s said that if you didn’t try out Lucky Pierrot which means you haven’t been here yet.

I don’t usually go with the must try list but it’s just located right outside Goryōkaku Fort. There wasn’t any queue and I shouldn’t have any excuses to miss out the famous burger then. All outlets are decorated in unique theme to give people different dining experiences. Goryōkaku Fort outlet was angel themed.

Aside from burger, they serve spaghetti, lasagna, curry rice and soft serve ice cream too. The only problem I seemed to have was too full to try any! I ordered number 1. Chinese Chicken Burger à La Carte that was freshly made. The chicken was deliciously tender and juicy which is pretty good as compared with other fast food chain I had before. Of course, if you want to try something that you can only eat in Hakodate, try whale burgers, they have it in the menu too.


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